понедельник, 29 февраля 2016 г.

Shevchenko Family

Have you heard about unique line of clothing by "Shevchenko Family" with a wonderful "family" concept that brings together students from all universitiess in one big family.

The creators presented their new collection in a classic design with original geometric patterns and textures. Thus, everyone can pick out something due to individual preferences.
Not to mentioned, that the material is extremely high-quality and so pleasant to touch, that I literally don't want to take off it for the whole day!

"We use natural materials of high quality, directly working with the knitting factory in Turkey, use natural cotton fabric with lycra, making our clothes not constrict not even after a large number of washes."

In addition, all the inscriptions, which you see on the clothing, are created with a special technology called Siser. A similar technology is used in all global brands of medium and high price ranges. 
This technology saves consistent quality of pictures even after 20 washes!
Soon the brand plans to launch a limited line in exquisite black and gold colours. And what could be better than a perfect combination of elegant expensive gold and deep black tart? I'm intrigued!

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  1. What a killer red! Lovely color. Black and red are awesome pair! :D

    New post here!

  2. Seriously digging your blog and outfits! Love this red coat so gorgeous and the outfit together is so amazing! You have killer style!!!

    Jasmine :)