суббота, 14 ноября 2015 г.

Red Sea Diary

The Egyptian Venice, Paradise Island, Edible cactus, PyramidsColorful corals, more?

Actually, scuba-diving near corals in a company of hundreds species of fish just blows my mind. Even this one must-do activity worth thousand kilometres passed to Red Sea!

When I close my eyes this peaceful images with all the beauty of underwater world appears in my mind. This memory will definitely take me back to the summer during all year.

Talking about vacation wardrobe, my number one tip is not to forget few wraps which are essential for windy yacht-trip as well as for romantic seaside night walk.

For the vacation time I prefer light tones and textures. To create a complete look I just add some bright details like these sophisticated Michel Katana gloves and scarf. They perfectly suit to discover interesting places nearby!

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